Can we unwillingly be victim of energetic psychic attacks?

In spiritual circles, I hear more often that we have to protect ourselves against negative energies or dark beings. But is that really true?

Regarding this subject I would like to share an earlier deep ayahuasca experience I had:

It was a beautiful experience in which I felt deeply one with my body. I experienced its wisdom. When I was consciously grounded in my body and I expressed the moves and sounds my body signed me to make, I experienced deep feelings of wellbeing and joy. At times when I forgot to be within my body, when I drifted into my active physical mind, I immediately started feeling sick. These feelings of sickness disappeared as soon as I got aware of my unconsciousness and got back into my body and starting expressing its natural movements and sounds again.

I also experienced that my body exactly knew what to do with the energies in my outer world. There on the ayahuasca location were three others participants. Two of them were going through deep inner clearing work with lots of outcoming negative emotions. I felt no particular energy coming towards me. The third guy however was lying next to me in the room. He was projecting his theme verbally and energetically on me as a woman. While expressing his pain, there was a lot of anger, condemnation and demanding in his attitude towards me.

I experienced that when I was mentally observing him and his behaviour, I suffered because his behaviour distracted and attacked me. I didn’t feel safe to go deeper into my own ayahuasca journey, because I had to protect myself against his psychic attacks. In short, I felt a victim.

But at the moment I sank back deep into my body and surrendered into my natural body movements, I suddenly experienced my wise body in action. It knew exactly what to do with that energy coming from the outer world. My consciousness was open, so I could see deeper. I saw that my body was redirecting the energy I could not use and guiding and transforming the energy I could use because of my own theme. My body transformed the messages he was sending of low, unconscious vibes into messages of high, conscious vibes, which I exactly needed for my own growth in consciousness. I got my growth because of him. The rest of my journey I joyfully used the energy he was offering. And when the energetic work inside of me was done, I was totally free to change my focus, without having any further suffering because of him. Remarkably, his consciousness shifted too.

For me it was no coincidence that this specific guy was there next to me. He connected with me, because of the themes we both had to work on; we were a vibrational match. And so it is with all our negative psychic attack situations. It is us who vibrationally invite them in our lives, of course usually unconsciously. For me it’s always about parts of ourselves which need acceptance and integration into our wholeness. Only our own neglecting and rejecting of those parts of ourselves make us suffer and attract situations and people which mirror that painful negligence into our face.

Because we want to wake up, we will create these situations until we fully embody and express the powerful conscious creators we truly are.